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Ravenclaws in the common room




#good thing winter is coming #gonna need some ice on that burn

got meme → four deaths [4/4]

catelyn and robb stark (the red wedding)

“the tabletop that the smalljon had flung over robb shifted, and her son struggled to his knees. he had an arrow in his side, a second in his leg, a third through his chest. (…) “no.” robb’s voice was whisper faint. “mother, no…” “yes, robb. get up and walk out, please, please. save yourself… if not for me, for jeyne.” “jeyne?” robb grabbed the edge of the table and forced himself to stand. “mother,” he said, “grey wind…” (…) a man in dark armor and a pale pink cloak spotted with blood stepped up to robb. “jaime lannister sends his regards.” he thrust his longsword through her son’s heart, and twisted. robb had broken his word, but catelyn kept hers. she tugged hard on aegon’s hair and sawed at his neck until the blade grated on bone. (…) finally, someone took the knife away from her the tears burned like vinegar as they ran down her cheeks. ten fierce ravens were raking her face with sharp talons and tearing off strips of flesh, leaving deep furrows that ran red with blood. she could taste it on her lips. it hurts so much, she thought. our children, ned, all our sweet babes. rickon, bran, arya, sansa, robb… robb… please, ned, please, make it stop, make it stop hurting…(…) “make an end,” and a hand grabbed her scalp just as she’d done with jinglebell, and she thought, no, don’t, don’t cut my hair, ned loves my hair. then the steel was at her throat, and its bite was red and cold.”

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The best rendition of the Game of Thrones theme ever.

I lose it as soon as Sophie comes in, jesus christ.


Starklings pt. 2

1x03 // 1x08

got meme  nine characters [8/9] :: sandor clegane

got meme  seven quotes [2/7] :: maester aemon targaryen  a game of thrones

“We are only human, and the gods have fashioned us for love. That is our great glory, and our great tragedy.”