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thig e air ais

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Ravenclaws in the common room

1x03 // 1x08

Richard Madden and Harry Lloyd

Richard Madden and Kit Harington


#CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT HIS FACE??? #not in the ‘oh god your face is fucking unreal get out’ way #but in the ‘oh god your acting choices are unreal get out’ #because he’s just told bolton no. no we’re not going to hurt anyone because what about my sister’s? #he’s not stupid. he knows what’s up (except not really since my poor bb was being abused anyways) but HIS FACE after he says it is just like #he almost needs a moment to #he has to shake his head and be a king though because he’s giving one of his men an order and he can’t get too upset #just show enough so that roose knows why and that’s it #BUT HE’S REALLY UPSET AT THE THOUGHT OF ANYTHING HAPPENING TO HIS SISTERS #i mean he says sisters but let’s be real at this point no one’s heard anything about arya so he’s hoping for her #he’s hoping both of them are safe and in kings landing but i think deep down he knows it’s only sansa #and that just makes it even more important that he doesn’t do anything to piss them off anymore than he already is

First we have to win the war

First we have to win the war


Robb “Scrunchy Face” Stark, King of the North